Lice Combs & Lice Products

ACU-LIFE The TermiNITor TM Ultimate Lice Comb KitACU-LIFE The TermiNITor TM Ultimate Lice Comb KitACU-LIFE's most complete TermiNITor Lice Comb Kit and the number one selling lice comb. more
ACU-LIFE Lice & Egg Removal SystemACU-LIFE Lice & Egg Removal SystemAcu-Life's Lice Cure contains non-toxic ingredients that has been proven to be effective for removing adult lice and loosening the bond that holds nits (eggs) to the hair. more
ACU-LIFE The TermiNITor TM Lice CombACU-LIFE The TermiNITor TM Lice CombTested safe ann effective at removing lice and nits. more
ACU-LIFE Medi Comb Lice CombACU-LIFE Medi Comb Lice CombUsed by School Nurses for over 50 years. more
ACU-LIFE Lice Comb 2 PackACU-LIFE Lice Comb 2 PackTwo (2) combs for complete removal of lice, nits and eggs. more